That NEW new & Improved

That NEW new & Improved

HELLO illumi tribe!!!!

I am back after 3 weeks off from regular programing working on a few exciting new developments. I have been working hard to grow Illumi Candles from what we were when we started at the beginning of 2021 and I'm proud of the achievements thus far. The work never ends when you're doing everything on your own. You're marketing, you're purchasing, you're accounting, you're customer service, you're operations, you're shipping and receiving, you're quality control (well, actually Peach is quality control) but it is all so satisfying when you see the return of the hard work you put in. It's like watching your baby grow from a new born to an infant.

ANYWAY, now it's time to let everyone know what we have been working on, so here goes!




As announced Thursday, we have collaborated with a local shop in Tillsonburg, Betty's Marketplace, who will be carrying out candles! You can find us in the eco section of their shop and website as of April 15! Their shop features many different local Canadian small businesses and is your one-stop-shop for all things handmade and unique. Two characteristic of the perfect gift!

Please note: due to Ontario's shutdown laws and regulations, Betty's Marketplace is currently closed to in-store shopping. However they are open online 24/7 and is available for delivery and curb-side pick up. They follow all guidelines and recommendations and take precautions in handling your goods so you can shop assured. Go check them out and discover new local makers and artisans! 




Our Etsy shop is closed. We will now be operating exclusively on our website

Etsy is a wonderful platform and stepping stone for any hand making business starting out and I have had nothing but positive feedback on my experience with them. Though our Etsy shop is closed, I will continue to support the sellers on Etsy on a personal level and is and has always been a go-to place for gifts.




There is no such things as a PERFECT product. I believe it is a company's responsibility to create goods in which they believe in and consume themselves. Continuous product improvement is so important to keep your customers coming back and happy. With that said, we have made a few changes to our candles:

  1. All candles ordered from today forward will be with our new branded coconut bowls! They are still the naturally perfect coconut bowls you love imported from Vietnam. Only now they will have a high quality, laser engraved logo on the front of the bowl. I am super excited for this upgrade and loved how they turned out. It will be a constant reminder that the coconut bowl you're eating ice cream out of used to be a candle. That's pretty cool if I do say so myself. 
  2. Our candles will now come with a CUSTOM, WIDER wooden wick! This is another super exciting upgrade for us! Wider wicks = larger melt pool = less wax left over to scrape = happy consumers = happy me. All this and you won't even have to sacrifice the soothing crackle of old wick!




If you haven't noticed yet, the website has been updated! It has been updated with the user in mind making it easier to navigate and find what you are looking for. Not only do we have the shop (duh) but there is a lot of useful information as well ie. candle care and FAQs

We also have a blog section which will be updated every now and then. I can't say they will be posted too often so check back for more information!


I am always open to feedback and suggestions. You can contact us by email or send us a DM on Instagram!


I will leave it at that, it's a lot of information to process but I would not have gotten to this point without your love and support so thank you all.


Peace and love,

Wendy xo

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Website looking good ! 👍🏿 I am sure it hs been updated Sharon since


Congratulations on all the success. Hard work pays off




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